Thursday, 10 October 2013

'The Perfect Pair: The Enchanted Mirror' or David Holroyd's selective memory

The sad and shameful truth is it was Holroyd himself used 'shake ups'. 'Shake-ups': a training method that no reputable marine animal trainer would have used then or now.

David Holroyd worked as a dolphin trainer from two years from early 1972 for ETAM (the leisure division of Truste House Forte) at Rhyl and Knowsley Dolphinariums.   Truste House Forte at this time also own Belle Vue Zoo and later a further dolphinarium at Woburn Safari Park.

In 2012, he published a book with his sister Tracy called:  'The Perfect Pair: The Enchanted Mirror'.  The book is part of a trilogy with the second volume due for publication in February 2014.  The book(s) are described as "faction...because of legal ramifications", they recount Holroyd's limited time as a dolphin presenter and trainer.  

How do I know about this man and his time as a dolphin trainer?  Simply because I was a contemporary of Holroyd and worked with some of his surviving dolphins (Duchess and Scouse) at Knowsley Dolphinarium.