Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blackfish's Mission Creep: Are some zookeepers turkeys wishing for Christmas?

PeTA's specially created Facebook page to promote the BBC's showing of 'Blackfish'

The publicity and spin from the film 'Blackfish' roll on with the showing of the movie on the UK's BBC.  Various zookeeper colleagues have voiced their concern about the partisan nature of the documentary but others have been supportive of the films criticism of the care of killer whales in marine parks such as Sea World.

I recently stated to a colleague that these later keepers I refer to above were:  'turkeys wishing for Christmas'. My colleague was somewhat puzzled, as we do not display killer whales or any other members of the cetacean family in the UK; despite this being permissible under current UK zoo legislation.  So why, he commented, should zookeepers with other species worry, they are not going to be targeted, are they?