Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Animals in circuses! Has the Sun Gone Green?


"Circuses are licensed by central government. If you wish to see why and how they are licensed go to the Defra website"

The U.K.'s largest circulation tabloid daily newspaper The Sun could hardly be called a paper that supports the lunatic fringe of the left such as The Green Party. 

However, in a recent article penned by "animal welfare campaigner" Stanley Johnson demonstrates just how this newspaper is not familiar with the tactics of the animal-rights lobbyists. In this instance, the puppet masters are Animal Defenders International (ADI) a group well-known for its manipulation of well-meaning but gullible animal-loving celebrities such as Brian Blessed. Moreover it is no surprise that the appearance of this feature article comes a day before ADI are due yet again to visit 10 Downing Street for yet another celebrity led photo opportunity in its bid to try and ban animals in circuses in Britain.