Monday, 16 March 2015

Damian Aspinall and a touch of zoochosis

The blog reproduced below was originally published in August 2013. I removed the blog because I felt that maybe I had been a little bit unfair in my criticism of Damian Aspinall.  However, with the recent news of a number of tragic deaths involved in one of his gorilla re-introductions in the Gabon and his continuous claiming of some kind of moral high ground (most recently in a CBS News documentary) I felt it was probably opportune to reinstate this blog

Damian Aspinall is at it again but this time in The Daily Mail.  To hear him speak, you really imagine that this man has morphed into a clone of Will Travers.  Moreover, as soon as someone coins the word 'zoochosis' you know what you are about to read is basically bollocks.  As a disease or condition, 'zoochosis' does not exist. It was actually made up by the Born Free Foundation (Zoo Check) many years ago as an anti-zoo buzzword for their 1993 The Zoochotic Report.